Ready to Quit Smoking Completely?

We believe that quitting smoking is one of the most amazing things you can ever do, but we also know that it’s one of the most difficult.

We’ll support you through every step of the journey that works best for you. If you decide to quit smoking completely and use a NICORETTE® product, then you’ll want to know more about the First Week Challenge and how it increases your chances of success.

The First Week Predicts Your Success

We’ll work together to get you through the crucial first week of quitting smoking:

How The First Week Challenge Works

The First Week Challenge is when you stop smoking for one week and manage your nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms with a NICORETTE® product.

By quitting completely, you’ll feel the health benefits of stopping smoking more quickly. However, it’s perfectly normal that you’ll feel irritable and frustrated for a while. Don’t worry – we’ll help you get through, and those feelings will decrease after some time.

We know that when you've stopped smoking for good, you'll feel like you can do anything. Every step of the way, we're here to help and inspire you with our tools and expertise. Let's start the journey together.


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How to Tackle Cravings

When you first quit, your cigarette cravings will be pretty powerful. Try to hang in there with the help of this information. Understanding your cravings is essential for overcoming them and breaking free from smoking.