Calculate Your Savings

The average smoker spends around $15 a day on cigarettes, which is a whopping $450 a month.

Every cigarette you don’t smoke will become money in your pocket. Just imagine what you could do with all your savings from quitting smoking - like going on that dream vacation, eating out more often, or rewarding yourself with something you’ve had your eye on.

Crunch Your Numbers
Discover how much you can save and use this extra incentive to do something amazing – to stop smoking for good.

Calculate Your Savings

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How Much You Can Save

If you smoke x cigarettes a day at $x a pack, here are the eye-opening numbers for how much you’ll save after you quit smoking.

In the First Month
$ xx
In 6 Months
$ xx
In your first smoke-free year
$ xx
In 5 Years
$ xx


We understand that quitting smoking is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. These tips will help keep you motivated by giving you ways to change your behaviour so that you can stop smoking for good.

Use the money you save on cigarettes to treat yourself.

Make sure you actually see the money you save. Set up a special account or just start a 'quitting jar' to store the saved cash. Then for the fun part - deciding how to spend it.

Reward yourself.

Treat yourself at each milestone of your goals. Make the rewards meaningful, like buying something you’ve had your eye on.

Focus on the positives.

Think of all the positives of living smoke-free, such as being healthier overall and having more energy, better skin, whiter teeth, and a better sense of taste and smell. The less you think about smoking the easier it will be to stay smoke free.